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This prestige bunch is produced based on the philosophy of "Wool should be made slowly and diligently" that flows underlying the Miyuki. This collection is the highest peak among Miyuki brands. The raw materials, high-quality certainly has been carefully selected, are woven slowly as not to put a stress on a delicate material at low speed loom Shonherr, and washed with pure water of Suzuka mountain range and natural soap, then finished by traditional technology to achieve the fine feeling of the original material to fabric. You can feel the difference when you touch this “prestige” fabric. This is the top quality proudly made by Miyuki.


Prestige Clear Cut 16.5 micron wool/camellia oil finish

This fabric has been developed with Australian superfine wool. The fiber fineness corresponds to super 140’s (16.5 micron) and the distribution of this fiber fineness is perfect. The fabric can be described as a “gem” as it uses only “superior raw wool” which is the critical element required to achieve such a smooth soft “handle.” Additionally the fabric durability is improved as the number of fine fibers in the yarn we use is increased.

Furthermore, this fabric is washed with “camellia oil” in the finishing process. Smoothness and softness are enhanced through this finishing and thus a more pleasing handle is created. This process is remarkably similar to the use of hair conditioner when we wash our hair.

As a symbol of this season’s theme,” Neo Vintage”, this collection prioritises 2 colours of brown (TMF4115, TMF4200). Everlasting and noble designs, so-called traditional designs, appear in these vintage browns and vivid bluish navy.

*1 fiber distribution: It is an indicator to show unevenness of raw wool fibers which are chosen at random. In a group of raw wool, if the fiber distribution converges in a narrow range, this group can be described as “smooth and fine” without unevenness. It is essential to use this fiber group in the spinning process to make very smooth and even yarn.

WOOL(worthy of super 140's)100% camellia oil finish 340g

Prestige Milled 16.5 micron wool/camellia oil finish

This fabric has the same quality as previous “prestige clear cut”. However the finishing process of the fabric surface is different. A “milled finish” is brought to this fabric by a raising process. This finishing gives cloth a soft and bulky character that achieves a warm and gentle handle.

As for “camellia oil finish”, we can easily realize its effectiveness as the “milled finish” fabric contains much oil than “clear cut” fabric. Regarding fabric design, we are influenced by “set up”. This fabric collection can also be worn as a single item.

WOOL(worthy of super 140’s)100% camellia oil finish 340g

Quarter Milled

By the use of 2-hold 94 count yarn for warp and weft, this fabric has a very light weight of 250g/m. The slightly downy surface has been accomplished by giving a “quarter milled” finish. It is, so to say, that this fabric encourages us to enjoy this “subtle raising touch”.

Heavy Raising Process Light Raising Process
Shaggy Mosser Beaver Milled Semi-milled Quarter-milled

As this fabric has maintained a good reputation over several years, this season we prepared new designs. In addition, the fiber fineness of raw wool corresponds to super 120’s; this is a perfect material for high quality standard. For this collection, some “artistic” designs such as colour expression by red and grey “grandrelle” yarn (TMF3990, TMF4001), ”pin stripe” by a fancy decoration (TMF4034,TMF4045) etc.…will appear for our customers who acquaint themselves with fashion.

WOOL(worthy of super 120's)100% 250g light weight

Napolena 3rd Generation

“Napolena for 3rd generation” is one of the new innovations. This collection is expanded with reasonable prices so that our new customers, who are described as third generation, are able to make their debut into the world of custom-made clothes.

Our continued design theme is “Internationality”. We have concentrated our focus on young executives who travel all over the world and targeted designs which could be used worldwide.

The fabrics achieve smooth handling and luster by the use of fine count yarns. Selecting cloths from this rich collection we have an earnest wish that young customers, who will be active around the world, will wear stylish custom-made clothes.

WOOL(worthy of super 140’s for warp & super 110’s for weft)100% 250g 270/280g

Napolena The Nippon(Japan) Cashmere / Worsted Type

Elegant luster is produced from the flat and smooth surface. Superlative worsted cashmere is selected carefully for making this fabric. It is truly perfect for the executive suit.

For the effectual use of luster, we particularly promote British navy and charcoal grey with a dark hue. The luxurious and lustrous appearance is enhanced through the use of classic designs. This suiting fabric is the prime choice from Napolena’s new innovation.

CASHMERE 100% 270g

***Due to the characteristic of this fabric, pilling on the surface may occur. It is highly recommended that this fabric should not be worn continuously and that care should be taken - for example, by brushing.

***Cashmere is selected from Alashan district in China which produces the finest cashmere.

Fold 100 Count Yarn Milled

This fabric is made with 2 fold 100 count yarns and can be described as “Superfine”. The lengths of the wool fibers are shortened in the finishing process to achieve a light and elegant face.

WOOL100% 270/280g

***Super count; Miyuki does not advertise this valuable information of Super count, to avoid several limitations to declare Super count, for being free for fabric designing. We believe our customers will understand the excellence of the quality without further promotion.