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2017 Spring & Summer Collection
Searching for perfection

With dedication, passion and persistence, Miyuki is focused on achieving the finest quality and texture through small but significant improvements. Creativity for Napolena equals creativity for Miyuki. We maintain our steady attitude, inquiring mind and philosophy.

Napolena is produced based on the philosophy of "Wool should be made slowly, slowly" that flows underlying the Miyuki. Napolena is the highest peak among Miyuki brands. The raw materials, high-quality certainly has been carefully selected, are woven slowly as not to put a stress on a delicate material at low speed loom Shonherr, and washed with pure water of Suzuka mountain range and natural soap, then finished by traditional technology to achieve the fine feeling of the original material to fabric. You can feel the difference when you touch Napolena. This is the top quality proudly made by Miyuki.


Ethical Project: Miyuki Champion Mohair Tropical
Our philosophy of "Ethical Linkage" is spun with mohair.

Mohair is called the "diamond of fiber"; it excels in luster, evenness, resilience, purity (low contaminant rate). Miyuki thinks that mohair is a very important material which we cannot miss for summer fashion. 50% of world mohair production comes from South Africa. As for kid mohair, which is used for men's luxury fashion fabrics, the quantity available is less than 20%.

In South Africa, apartheid was abolished in 1994 and although smooth economic growth was expected, unemployment of black people remains high at 27%. Economic problems such as a decline in production and exports caused by strikes of mine workers, personal consumption etc.... are piled up.

The relationship between South Africa and Miyuki began in 1980. We tied up with "Mohair South Africa Ltd" and launched "South Africa・Miyuki Champion Mohair Trophy". Since then, we have been contributing to the development of the mohair industry. With this trophy we recognize, every year, a rancher who produces excellent mohair.

For the industrial development and protection of South Africa which we recognize as an important source of mohair, Miyuki fabric by using "Miyuki Champion Mohair" which is the highest grade among South African mohair. Miyuki's Ethical Project returns one part of our profit, gained from the Japanese market, as a subsidy for South African ranchers = mohair breeders. "Ethical Linkage" will be returned as an investment in South Africa. Miyuki will develop this linkage of "Ethical Consumption" through this project.

*Apart from South Africa, U.S.A (Texas Mohair), Turkey are also known as a source of mohair.

**as of year 2014

NH1751/NH1752 - WOOL100%

Kid Mohair Tropical

The fabric has been applauded for its lustrous appearance, attractive handling, good spring and resilience. We prepared a plain weave fabric of kid mohair (tropical) to enhance the brilliance of natural fiber. The collection consists of plain fabric in black and charcoal gray, but there are also elegant stripe designs in rich variety.

N1501/N1503/N1506/N1507/N1502/N1505 - KID MOHAIR & WOOL BLEND 220/230g


Premium Collection (MADE IN ENGLAND)

This is a "MADE IN ENGLAND" collection of Napolena that keeps evolving. All production processes are carried in Yorkshire which can be described as the birthplace of men's fabrics. Using the skills of Miyuki's design team "Napolena Premium Collection" established international production for the first time in its history. The English mill where our fabrics are manufactured has a skilled management team and is affiliated to a renowned European fabric merchant. You will be fascinated with the fabrics which have an extremely fine, smooth touch and elegant luster. The light weight fabrics (180/200g) promise us elegance and comfort to wear.

NE1691/NE1694 - WOOL100% 180/200g


Napolena for 3rd Generation

As in the previous year, here is the spring & summer version of "Napolena 3rd generation".

"Napolena for 3rd generation" made its debut in the previous autumn/winter season and has received a favorable reception. Now we will offer you a spring/summer version of this collection.

We prepared this collection with reasonable prices for the third generation who will now make their debut into the world of custom-made clothes. It achieved further evolution in this season. We prepared a rich variation of weaves such as plain fabrics with lightweight and coolness, twills for a long term wear, dobby clothes in a variety of weaving structures.

We aimed at an international look for the design theme. We pursued designs and elegance which could be used worldwide. Since its debut in 1981, Miyuki Napolena has been receiving your patronage and recognition that it offers the finest domestic fabrics. Throughout its long history we have appreciated your use of our fabrics through the generations.

Selecting cloths from this rich collection, we have an earnest wish that young, new customers who are active around the world will wear stylish custom-made clothes.

N1605/N1606/N1610/N1510 - WOOL100% 240/250g TWILL

N1622/N1623/N1624/N1625 - WOOL100% 210/230g PLAIN & DOBBY



Stretch Silk Sucker

To our famed Napolena silk sucker, we have now added a stretch function to the weft way. Striped jacketing fabrics which are composed in monotone colours have a sporty look of luxurious casual taste plus the handle of silk. These characteristics are unique and can be described as gems.

NS1651 - SILK95% POLYESTER5% 80g WIDTH: 100cm


Stretch Silk Jacquard (Botanical jacquard & matelasse´)

As well as silk sucker, the stretch function is added to the weft way of the fabric. In this collection, we offer "matelasse´" with geometric image and "jacquard" with botanical image.

NS1661/NS1680/NS1681 - SILK95% POLYESTER5% 100g WIDTH: 100cm


Wool & Silk

This is a casual jacketing fabric with bird's-eye weaving structure on a big scale.

NS1671 - WOOL93% SILK7% 260g


Napolena Baby Silk

"Baby Silk"- a prime pure silk which Miyuki proposes with confidence. Using traditional processes to take full advantage of this finest raw material, artisans with great gentleness, care and patience give life to the "baby silk". We are proud that this fabric, finished with fine napping, has the elegant luster, natural brilliance and truly angelic touch of baby skin. Due to this special napping, we can enjoy a different atmosphere from standard silk material.

NS1510/NS1511/NS1512 - SILK100% 240g


Pure Silk, Seersucker

In this collection we offer a range of fancy jacketing designs in 100% silk. We can enjoy the handle plus the good spring and resilience of pure silk sucker.

NS1501/NS1503/NS1507 - SILK100% 70g WIDTH: 75cm