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2018 Spring & Summer - Flattening

This collection fulfills the wish for comfortable clothing through the use of progressive technology that is incorporated into the fabric. The fusion of 100 years of MIYUKI tradition and the latest processing techniques opens the door to the new possibilities for our fabrics.

European Method

Through the use of a single yarn in the weft which can be easily flattened, we recreate the recent European method of encouraging “smooth surface” by pressure at the finishing process. We achieve a truly flat surface hat enhances the smooth touch and rich luster. This fabric is at the same level as equals to European quality in its attractive handle.

We can see the flattened weft which goes in both the right and left directions. Weft which appears on the surface shows a straight line.

Japanese Stability

Although following a European method of production we add, at the same time, Japanese sprit and knowhow of making fabrics in order to overcome the weak points of single yarns. The quantity of weft yarns is increased to give high density. This achieves fabric stability, beautiful tailoring and increases the length of garment life.

This "high density" = "stability" is a unique characteristic of Japanese fabrics. Combined with the use of good water at Yokkaichi in Mie prefecture, we continue to pursue further improvements for fabric handling.

Japanese Stability


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